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The Denture Makers Difference

Dr. Michael C. O’Brien and associates, along with our friendly staff, want to change your mind about dentistry. Our experienced dental team knows exactly what is best for your overall dental care. But, we make it a point to center treatment on what matters most to you. The Denture Makers difference can be felt by every person who visits our Raleigh office. 

Your Dental Needs First

Upon your visit, we first want to learn about your wishes, immediate needs, timelines, and financial considerations. A knowledgeable dentist will then conduct an oral evaluation and provide a recommended treatment plan that aligns best with your desires. Our modest, yet modern, dental office allows us to keep costs down while still providing everything necessary for optimum dental care. 

Convenient Office Hours

We offer convenient hours, making appointment scheduling a breeze. Take time off work for vacationing, not for the dentist! Denture Makers has daytime, evening, and weekend hours available.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or decay, rest assured that our gentle and caring team will keep you comfortable during any hygiene, restorative, or surgical procedure. Our providers are highly qualified in all aspects of general dentistry. 

Improve your smile and mealtime experience with our realistic dental prosthetics. Our lifelike dentures, partials, crowns, and bridges not only bring back your smile, but will make eating much more enjoyable. All tooth replacement options are fabricated for comfort, appearance, and functionality.

Onsite Dental Lab

Our onsite dental lab allows us to customize each patient’s prosthesis for the most natural look possible. For existing denture and partial wearers, we provide adjustments, relines, and repairs the same day as your appointment. 

Above all, Denture Makers wants to provide the best experience and value for your dental needs. We are confident that quality dental care, at a convenient time and affordable price, will accomplish just that. Call our Raleigh office today and start smiling again!